We have developed products with many of today's leading brands. We work closely with our clients to produce innovative, beautifully crafted products that effectively communicate their brand image, in addition to boosting sales. We are able to not only help with design, but can produce with low minimums as well as conduct quality control throughout the development and production process.


The innovation and creativity of our design and embroidery staff has been a hallmark of our industry since its inception. We offer supreme quality work with tremendous craftsmanship and extreme detailing. We can offer low, medium, or high production runs which are personalized to meet the customer’s needs. We use state of the art software to create the most beautiful digital prints and employ world class embroidery.

Our designers go through a meticulous process working with tremendous skill and enthusiasm to convert every vision into a reality. The process begins when we are provided with the basic design. This can either be hand drawn or computer generated, thereafter we collaborate on fabric, quantity, and embellishment. The design is then reworked, taking into account the customer’s requirements. Once the specs and designs have been finalized they are transferred to our production team who produce a sample which goes through our extremely competent quality control center and is then sent to the customer for approval. We stay with the customer at every step of the way and work to perfect each design. We offer hand embroidery, machine embroidery, digital printing, and have an extensive library of stocked designs for you to choose from.

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We understand that every business is different and have varying needs, which is why customization is a key component of our business model. Our design team works closely with clients to understand and facilitate any changes large or small, and these services are available at any time upon request.

We have been an industry leader since our inception and have developed an ever-growing network of suppliers and producers. This allows us to source virtually anything needed to exact our clients vision as well as having the ability to fulfill low, medium, and high production runs.

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